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Planning, Inventory Management and Monitoring of Broadband Telecommunication Networks

The return on the valuable network infrastructure investments can be maximized due to the GIS planning and inventory management solutions.

Infocommunication is an indispensable tool for strengthening the digital economy, ensuring sustainable growth, competitiveness of the economy and economic break-out. It requires the construction of broadband telecommunication infrastructures that is fast by international comparison and enables broadband internet connection at a pace envisaged in the government’s goals. It can only be guaranteed cost-effectively by the set deadline if the existing infrastructures are precisely mapped (i.e. broadband mapping), upgraded using optimized design methods and implemented with the use of the most advanced technology and construction standards, as well as coordinated and monitored by the government.

NETvisor possesses the geospatial network design, inventory and implementation collaboration support systems suitable for the above tasks. Monitoring the state and operation of the implemented broadband infrastructures and the operation and use of the service provider systems is essential to ensure the efficient exploitation of the investments, optimal management of the capacities, to determine any necessary further developments, as well as to guarantee the appropriate quality of services. End-to-end, connection-based planning and inventory management of large-scale telecommunication networks can fully be realized only through a complete geospatial inventory and support system.

NETvisor offers solutions for broadband telecommunications that supports strategic and implementation planning, construction and maintenance to make operation efficient, economical and convenient from infrastructure and capacity management point of view.

Open access to geospatial data and the comprehensive model of the physical and logical networks play a vital role in planning, service fulfillment and service assurance processes. In addition, this valuable information becomes available anywhere within the company supporting the solution of the marketing, CRM, financial and statutory reporting tasks. The result is a carrier grade-level solution that enables service providers to maximize the return on their valuable investments in network infrastructure.

NETvisor offers GIS-based solution:

  • for automated strategic FTTH network planning even in case of large number of end-points
  • to support GIS-based implementation planning
  • to conduct construction projects with high-level planning support, collaborative tools and management of business needs
  • to deliver and customize complete GIS inventory systems.

NETvisor accomplishes with own products the automated FTTH network planning  (Smart Strategic Planner), the support of the implementation project  (NETPlanners Portal) and the comprehensive map-based multilayer network inventory (NETinv).