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Operations Support Systems

Improved operational efficiency, security and reliability of IT and communication systems.

An infocommunication service provider or an IT organization within a company aims to provide appropriate quality services at competitive prices for their external customers or for their internal customers, i.e. the business organization of the company. The services are provided by applying and operating network and IT infrastructure elements as well as different applications.

An external or internal ICT service provider’s daily operation is determined by the operational processes in accordance with the objectives of the business, and supported by OSS (Operations Support System) systems. The following figure illustrates the key components of such a comprehensive OSS system:

NETvisor has the necessary competencies to implement a complex OSS system shown above, which is also demonstrated by a number of references. The mix of products of the world’s leading manufacturers and products of NETvisor are applied, fully customized and integrated into one comprehensive OSS system.

We apply the below products for the different functions: