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Multi-Play Service Assurance & Monitoring

End-to-end QoS / QoE analysis & monitoring through Big Data technologies.

Multi-play service offerings are essential for telecommunication providers to succeed in the residential market. Considering the rapid evolution of these technologies, providers continue to face challenges in operating these networks and maximizing the quality perception of customers.

Component services are not equally critical on all performance indicators. For digital telephony, most subscribers tolerate short service outages, but once a call is connected, they expect clear voice without noticeable latency. As for the Internet service, a few seconds of occasional pauses is still acceptable, but generally the bandwidth must meet the offered bitrates. There is even less tolerance for IPTV (OTT, multicast or on-demand), where even a second of outage or a few glitches in video are immediately noted and complained about.

Incidentally, TV is also the most complex service to implement, to operate and to monitor, with several technical options, including delivery of live, time-shift and on-demand content, DRM and personal recording features, and programs offered in multiple resolutions.

NETvisor’s multi-play service assurance solution offers providers a complete range of hardware and software products for assuring those services, both for monitoring and diagnosis with immediate results, but also for longer-term analysis and reporting.

iTVSense is an end-to-end system, covering the entire service path form the service ingress sections (TV head-end, VoIP and data peering points, VoIP media gateways and content servers), to the customer premises.

Our iTVsense product line comprehensively measures, records and analyses the services’ status, and makes service quality indicators visualized and published from several aspects in multiple resolutions, aggregations and in various formats.