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Solutions for Telecommunication Service Providers

We design large-scale and complex, business-critical service provider systems and offer solutions for their efficient and secure operation.

The challenges of the telecommunications industry are well known for us. Customers are demanding flawless service but service fees are getting more and more competitive. We were member of the TM Forum between 2007-2016. Many of our products and solutions are made for telecommunications and ICT service providers and are based on industry (eTOM, SID) model or standard (eg. TR-069) and comply with the so-called carrier-grade industry requirements, that is capable of handling high-volume device and data securely, load balanced and fault-tolerant. Our solutions – integrating the products of the world’s leading manufacturers  and when it is more appropriate our own products – are successfully used by many service providers.

Operations support systems components offered by NETvisor enable residential and business services with minimized CAPEX and OPEX costs: