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Review and audit of network architecture and performance

Eliminate constant inconvenience in ICT services, or  critical or fatal situation in the future.

Computer networks are not only vital for all businesses, but also very complex assets from the technical perspective, well beyond the vantage scope of CIOs, ITC managers and other executives.

These managers often feel that something may be sub-optimal, but they are dependent on their network administrators, those clever, but strange guys with a characteristic disrespect and high sensitiveness … If anyone can only tell what’s happening in the company’s network .

Even if your colleagues are more helpful and easier to work with, the mere fact that enterprise networks evolve over the years, almost certainly leave some “legacy features” in any network: let it be performance, functional or security issues, which either cause a constant inconvenience, or can cause a critical or fatal situation in the future. As for the daily, accepted routine, operations can live with that, and either the resolution, the expertise or the time to improve on that is not available.

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