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Monitoring of networks, servers and services

IT service quality, availability and performance monitoring.

We monitor all components involved in delivering the IT service

We monitor all components involved in delivering the IT service

Business performance and availability issues have the greatest negative impact on business productivity; but they are the most difficult to solve. The need for tools for proactive alerting, for root-cause analysis and for identifying problematic or critical levels of resource utilization, is constantly growing.

The key objectives of the enterprise are to lower operational costs and to improve productivity. This leads to that IT organizations and service providers have to improve their quality of service whilst reducing the cost of their services.

However, managing the service quality, availability and performance is a major challenge for IT in an increasingly complex environment. A huge amount of data is collected from different monitoring tools – infrastructure, application, business service – and can not be correlated by humans anymore. What’s more, IT would like to receive performance and problem alerts before the end-users are affected. The costs of being reactive in solving performance issues are significantly higher.

To offer a solution for the above issues NETvisor developed an end-to-end performance monitoring solution that:

  • Supports IT professionals in fault localization and troubleshooting and proactively alerts on the outages of critical services based on the measured values
  • Provides a comprehensive picture of the IT service quality for the company’s management
  • Provide data for end users of the IT system elements usedNETvisor MiniProbe M170

The NETvisor Miniprobe is one of the potential ideal cost effective tools for monitoring service quality in distributed systems. MiniProbe is a small, portable, and energy efficient device that can be used for probeing and monitoring IP traffic, including Internet / Intranet traffic, IPTV / DVB streams or VoIP communication. With its small size and moderate pricetag, the MiniProbe is also an excellent portable tool for field technicians, also used in temporary, on-demand deployments at customers.

Our performance monitoring solution is integral part of the service quality measurement and can be integrated into any IT operation support system.

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