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ICT Operations Support Systems

Quality ICT services at competitive prices.

An infocommunication service provider or an IT organization within a company aim to provide appropriate quality services at competitive prices for their external customers or for their internal customers, i.e. the business organization of the company. The services are provided by applying and operating  network and IT infrastructure elements, as well as different applications.

An external or internal ICT service provider’s daily operation is determined by the operational processes in accordance with the objectives of the business, and supported by OSS (Operations Support System) systems.

NETvisor is a market-leading provider and manufacturer of next-generation operation support (OSS) solutions.

The special importance of the use of our operation support products and systems is to make the operation of the systems transparent for both the operating professionals, the top managers and the users by providing the appropriate and customized (operational, usage and quality) information.

We have all the necessary competencies to build complex OSS systems, as evidenced by many of our references. As components of the operational support systems (OSS), we use the products of the world’s leading manufacturers and our own developed products as required. As part of the implementation project, we will fully perform the customization and integration of products from different manufacturers.

We apply the below products for the different functions: