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Factory Infrastructure Monitoring

Our solution drastically reduces the fault localization time and, consequently, the production downtime.

Our factory infrastructure monitoring solution described below was implemented with the prototype of the Managed IoT Framework developed in the 2017-1.3.1-VKE Project.

Modern, Industry 4.0 ready factory infrastructures are pretty complex. The factory subsystems, such as

  • production lines/machines, including PLCs, RFID and BARCODE readers, HMI panels, PCs, and their control system (SCADA, MES, ERP);
  • factory ICT (information and communications system of the factory);
  • and the factory base infrastructure (facility including power supply, water, heating)

constitute a complex production ecosystem. It is paramount for every factory to assure the quality and continuity of production, which can be measured by the waste product ratio and the production downtime.

In this complex ecosystem, it can easily happen that a failure in a unit blocks the whole production process, and thus the normal operation of the factory. In this situation, likely dozens of alerts will be generated by the independent monitoring systems of the factory subsystems and the operations and maintenance (O&M) team can spend significant time and effort to localize the real source of the problem. However, if we handle this monitoring and supervision task in an integrated manner, a central fault manager implementing root cause analysis can easily point out the problem source reducing drastically the fault localization time and eventually the production downtime.

Our factory infrastructure monitoring and supervision solution is an integrated framework, which consists of our Operations Support tools, and our IoT platform. These tools are our IP Explorer (IPE), Network Inventory (NETinv), PerformanceVisor (PVSR) and Fault Manager (FM) accomplishing the Discovery, Inventory, Monitoring and Fault Localization tasks, respectively. Moreover, our SensorHUB IoT platform provides application domain support.

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Further information can be found in our Factory Infrastructure Monitoring and Supervision brochure.

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