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Operation Support

Seamless launch of new ICT systems

The ICT systems and services based on them support the main activity of companies and institutions and their proper functioning is essential.

Companies and institutions typically run their own operating organization, but in some cases involvement of specialized expertise and additional capacity from external sources becomes necessary. According to NETvisor’s experience after the launch of the new ICT systems special support is usually required in the first period for smooth proceeding.

Recognizing and adapting to the above demands  NETvisor provides intitial operational support services, in each case accordign to the customer’s specific needs. NETvisor’s experts are outstanding specialists whose work is managed by experienced senior engineers. We contribute to improving the quality of ICT services and take responsibility for compliance with service levels based on rules agreed. We accept notifications or questions through Helpdesk line in standby time (up to 7×24). The troubleshooting or assistance steps are performed within time agreed according to severity of the problem or level of service. We support the operation of networks, servers, operating systems, virtualization, storage systems, fault-tolerant systems, telephony, operation support systems, and other ICT systems. We provide transparent reports about our activities by an on-line ticketing system .

Featured services include:

  • Help Desk 7×24 (L1)
  • ICT Expert Assistance (L2): network, server, database and application support
  • Manufacturers Support (L3) including: Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, HP, IBM, EMC, RSA, etc.