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Operations Support in SaaS model

Central ICT service management in “Software as a Service” (SaaS) model

We can provide many central IT management services for our customers. These include system and network management. In these central IT management services customers have access to a centrally updated, maintained and integrated management system for controlling and monitoring their telecommunication services and their own internal network (LAN) and IT infrastructure (servers, virtualization, storage systems, applications).

The advantages of multitenant (multi-user) SaaS model  comes from the fact that one implemented support system can be used for supporting IT infrastructures or for controlling service quality at several, independent customers. As a result of the support costs and resources are reduced, and services can be provided for the customers on favorable terms and at competitive prices.

Thanks to the SaaS model the customer is exempted from the operation of the management system, at the same time they receive cost-effectively a tool that is associated with professional support and scaled according to their own infrastructure changes, compared with the inflexibility and lack of support of free of charge monitoring tools.