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Audit of telecommunication and enterprise networks and services

Operating efficiency and dependable service assurance

A company’s management can initiate total or partial screening of its IT system due to a number of reasons. Each of these reasons can be traced back to some operating efficiency, security and compliance problem.

Our typical audit missions include

  • review of architecture, operations, system configurations,
  • the installation and temporary operation of performance, network discovery and other measurement systems for the verification of true system dependability and performance
  • manual test executions or configurations for stress testing or scenario testing as necessary
  • creating new documentation or updating existing documents with reconciled data

Based on the Customer’s choice, our audit activities may deliver a versatile set of documents, ranging from accurate system documentation, through detailed and aggregated measurement and testing reports up to CxO-level presentations and summaries on the most relevant audit observations and recommendations.

Our colleagues are flexible to travel frequently, and to work in the field or in non-standard environments, also with special schedules matching the service provider’s maintenance windows.

They are also skilled to communicate (in English) and cooperate efficiently with people from different cultures.