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NETPlanners Portal – Fiber optic network design

Collaboration tool for network planners and developers

With the significant advantages of fiber optic communication, almost all new telecommunication backbone networks are based on fiber optic systems. To make this networking opportunity available to everyone and offer virtually unlimited bandwidth to users, huge improvements are required in access and aggregation networks. The ultimate long-term solution lies in end-to-end optical fiber connection to end-users and mobile base stations.

Concerning the smaller and larger regions and settlements, the implementation of fiber optic access and aggregation networks are cost-intensive investments and several preconditions must be met. During the preparation of the planning, the detailed design, and the construction, many business and technical decisions must be taken. NETvisor NETPlanners Portal product supports the general contractor, the designers and the constructors in every phase of this complex work.

NETPlanners Portal supports the following tasks related to network development:

  • Preparation of technical and financial data necessary for planning
  • Provision of optimized network design tasks
  • Support the collaboration of participants in the network development project by sharing technical and project implementation information


  • During the design and construction project all relevant participants have simultaneous and easy access to data via the web-based portal
  • The product allows decision-makers and designers to efficiently create, modify, and analyze version-tracked network designs, business and design information surveyed
  • Continuous tracking of planning and construction tasks is available
  • Real-time tracking of individual work-groups gives the ability to recognize delays, deviations from signed contracts early in time
  • Delivery for the client and supporting the communication with the project participants can be faster and more efficient
  • From design to final documentation, data are stored in the database containing GIS data and attributes of objects allowing query, processing, and visualization in many aspects.

NETPlanners Portal supports NETvisor’s Smart Strategic Planner (SSP) product as well as in the preparation of design data and in the presentation and processing of the results of design.