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NETinv – Technical inventory

Map based multilayer network inventory for communication service providers, utilities, government institutions & enterprises.

NETvisor’s NETinv service and network resource inventory product serves the communication service providers and enterprises with creating an integrated inventory of their networks and IT systems. An accurate service and network resource inventory is necessary to perform the daily operational tasks: efficiently troubleshooting, provisioning, planning and design, capacity and resource management.

Beyond supporting daily operational processes, NETinv has a very flexible data schema enabling easy and quick modeling of new product families and new technologies. This allows new types of devices to be added into the inventory in a short time avoiding long lasting and expensive software development, which is typical for the technical inventories of fixed data structures available on the market.

It is essential in all market segments to launch new telecom and IT services flawlessly and to have precise knowledge of required and available resources. An up-to-date inventory of physical and logical resources including their connections is required for optimal capacity expansion. The efficient service assurance is not possible without the knowledge of correlation between services, logical and physical resources.

NETvisor’s NETinv multilayer inventory product provides solutions for the above-mentioned business needs.


  • Provides a comprehensive and complete inventory of communications and IT services, physical and logical resources.
  • Supports the optimal utilization of network capacity and helps to carry out design, capacity and resource management tasks.
  • Effectively supports service assurance, daily operational tasks and fast troubleshooting.

Key benefits

Increases the reliability and efficiency of service assurance

NETinv ensures unified access to multi-vendor, multi-technology network resource data and correlation between different network layers (service, IP, communication, physical). Through modelling service hierarchy NETinv helps to identify which services are affected by a failure (bottom-up approach) and to trace back any problem with a particular service to that physical device failure (top-down approach). Such in-depth knowledge of technical inventory data can significantly speed up troubleshooting.

NETinv is a vendor and technology independent product. New equipment types, new technologies and custom attributes can quickly be integrated into the inventory without software development; the user can simply add these on the user interface.

NETinv improves the utilization of existing resources.

Using NETinv is easy to learn, comes with a detailed HTML help and has a user-friendly web-based user and administration interface. Even this interface can be customized by adding menus and submenus according to specific needs or replacing standard icons with custom ones.

NETinv is based on open standards and therefore it can be easily integrated into operations support systems through industry standard interfaces and APIs.

Helps to lauch new services faster

NETinv supports network design with up- to- date and accurate resource data. This accurate capacity data and planning ensures the optimization of IT procurement and expenditure. NETinv facilitates the ICT design tasks by managing the inventory objects during their entire life cycle.

Areas of Use

Optimization of resources

NETinv stores comprehensive information about network sites, physical devices, logical and physical relationships, manages and documents these. NETinv can handle planned, non-existing network resources which is useful during the planning process. Existing and planned resources can be assigned to logical connections and services.

Fault and change management

NETinv is the central element of a comprehensive operations support solution. It provides data for other operations support system components such as customer service, service level (SLA) management, performance monitoring. These integrated solutions make it easy to detect errors and track changes in the network.

Alarm management

NETinv keeps records of the correlation between physical, logical, service levels, therefore supports the alarm management systems to perform the correlation. For example, if a device breaks down or cable is cut, NETinv can trace which service is affected by that problem.

Network design

NETinv supports network design and development with topology and capacity data. It allows managing the planned elements and reserving the necessary capacities.
NETinv is a map based product. It assigns inventory elements to physical locations of arbitrary maps or floor plans. This fully customizable product can integrate many public and private map sources into layers, and users can easily add unlimited number of inventory object types and attributes.

Inventory management of IoT and IIoT

Today, IoT solutions are gaining ground, including Industrial IoT (IIoT) systems. The large scale and heterogeneous structure of the IoT systems makes the use of accurate technical inventory inevitable. With its flexible and scalable recording capabilities, NETinv offers a perfect solution for managing these complex systems.