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iTVSense – Multi-play service assurance

Service Quality Assurance for Digital Media Services

Digital TV and voice remain to be critical services, characterized by high customer expectations and low tolerance for service errors and quality issues. Operators need an efficient tool to keep customers satisfied.

NETvisor’s iTVSense solution provides multi-play service quality assurance for IPTV core systems, transmission networks, and also for the CPE devices.

NETvisor’s iTVSense is a complete and modular service assurance system, which not only maximizes the availability and quality of video and voice services, but also streamlines the related operational processes, making them efficient and cost effective. Services covered:

  • Quality and performance of IPTV, VoD, DVBx, OTT signal delivery
  • VoIP service availability and voice quality
  • Internet data service availability, bandwith and user experience

iTVSense components measure and monitor the service quality at the head-end, in the backbone, distribution and access networks, and also at the customer’s premises.

Benefits of iTVSense multi-play service assurance solution

  • Comprehensive service management solution for IPTV, DVBx, OTT, and VoIP.
  • A scalable and resilient platform for uninterrupted measurement data collection, aggregation and evaluation.
  • Analysis of multicast and on-demand video/audio streams
  • Real-time status overview and longer term historical analysis provided by the same platform.
  • Management architecture built on open standards offering easy extension and integration.

Outstanding Assurance Solution for Digital Media Services

A unique feature of iTVSense is that it provides accurate and detailed service monitoring for the full path of digital media services, i.e. covering signal ingestion systems, the communication network and even including the subscriber’s signal reproduction devices. Such a comprehensive system, which offers all data on a consistent interface to a single operation team, is the key to efficiently operated, high-quality services and to superior customer experience.

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System Components

  • iTVSense measurement control, data collection and analysis
  • iTVSense service monitoring dashboard
  • iTVSense Probes and MiniProbes
  • iTVSense CPE / Set-Top-Box measurement agents
  • iTVSense service level (SLA) analysis and reporting