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Cisco Smart Advisor using IP Explorer

For certified Cisco partners to perform Cisco Assessment for their Customers.

Cisco SmartAdvisor (CSA) (previously Cisco Discovery Service) is a network assessment tool completely managed by Cisco in order to help its partners to evolve customer networks. IP Explorer has been admitted by Cisco as a client side tool of the CSA in order to maximize its capabilities in the network management process. The main objective of the service is to find out product lifecycle status for identifying outdated software and hardware components, locate possible security issues, gather contract information, and assess the capabilities of the involved device to introduce new services or technologies. CSA is an assist for Cisco partners to understand thoroughly the network concerned and plan network migration or upgrade network optimally.

Using NETvisor’s IP Explorer certified Cisco Partners are able to perform Cisco Discovery Service in order to:

  • automate network discovery and documentation process
  • analyze the network’s health and end-of life state
  • identify network related problems of the customer
  • propose Cisco product improvement strategies

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