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IP Explorer – Network discovery, visualization

Automatic network discovery, up-to-date documentation & visualization for enterprises with large communication network.

IP Explorer - Network discovery, visualizationThe purpose of IP Explorer is to implement an up-to-date network discovery with comprehensive functionality, covering the widest possible data scope. This is a fully automated discovery product used for the end-to-end (E2E) mapping of any heterogeneous IP / Ethernet / MPLS networks. The discovered network is stored in a vendor-independent model and visualized on a feature-rich Web interface. It enables fast and easy creation of authentic and up-to-date network documentation. Via its standards-compliant open interface, any higher-level management process and system can access current network information.

Areas of Use

  • By automating the network documentation and inventory process, the time required for documenting and making an inventory of large networks is significantly reduced while the accuracy is improved. Furthermore, the inconsistency between the actual network and the inventory, resulting from changes occurred during the operation of the network, is dramatically discovery
  • With the support of the network design process the up-to-date structure of the network and accurate information on free capacities are available before the design effort begins.
  • The support of the fault management process allows the identification of root cause error (when the direct cause of a failure can be identified precisely and quickly based on discovered network information). Furthermore, the impact analysis becomes more efficient and accurate in cases where the purpose is to identify the services and clients affected by an error.

Unique Solution for Documenting Inhomogeneous Networks

  • Comprehensive network discovery and visualization solution for the entire L2 / L3 network infrastructure. Networking devices of various major vendors (such as Cisco, Alcatel, Juniper, HP, Huawei, ZTE, NEC) are supported in a unified way.
    Even as a stand-alone application, it implements an interactive network documentation function such as MPLS VPN and spanning tree visualization.
  • It supplies data for the network inventory system and higher-level network management processes in a unified, vendor-independent manner.
    High availability, highly scalable, distributed data collection platform.
    The system built on open standards is easy to upgrade and integrate.