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Fault Manager – Fault and alarm management

It facilitates fast troubleshooting, proactive error management and minimizes the duration of service outages.

NETvisor’s Fault Manager (FM) product is a unified fault and alarm monitoring platform that can provide effective support in determining the errors and their root causes in infocommunication service systems. Fault Manager allows you to narrow down and clearly delimit the root causes of errors based on the relationships between the components of ICT services. The product facilitates fast troubleshooting, minimizes the duration of service outages, and proactive error management. Fault Manager also provides an opportunity to analyze the impact of failures on affected services, which can serve as a basis for improving service quality.

Benefits of Fault Manager:

  • Fault Manager’s unified, graph-based, vendor- and technology-independent data model and flexible rule system allow you to define and manage any relationship between components.
  • Fault Manager’s clear user interface helps you run your day-to-day operations smoothly, and a flexibly customizable notification system supports fast and proactive fault localization and troubleshooting.
  • Fault Manager’s customizable and configurable dashboards provide a unified and comprehensive view of service status and alerts.
  • Fault Manager can be easily integrated into operational support systems through standard industry and web interfaces and APIs:
    • Thanks to its plug-in and agent-based architecture that can be synchronized to applications and IT infrastructure elements, as well as its event receiving module, any network event can be channeled into fault monitoring – whether the source is equipment or an external monitoring system
    • Screens can be integrated with interfaces and data sheets showing the status of services and their components, as well as alarm summaries
    • Highly adaptable to ticketing systems