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T-2 d.o.o. – ITPV Service Quality Assurance & Enhancement

T-2 Implements ITPV Service Quality Assurance & Enhancement using NETvisor’s iTVSense Technology

T-2-logo-01T-2, a leading telecom provider in Slovenia has selected iTVSense for improving the experience of its almost 100k IPTV subscribers with 140.000 STBs. T-2 has a modern broadband network (with one of the highest share of point-to-point FTTH access in Europe), still it was evident for T-2 technical leaders that an in-depth monitoring is needed for the continuous and proactive supervision of service quality.

NETvisor’s iTVSense end-to-end service monitoring solution was especially attractive, as it is bundled with Backward Error Correction (BEC) capabilities, which improve customer experience by efficiently eliminating quality disruptions caused by packets lost in the network.

In the first implementation phase in 2014, IPTV monitoring and BEC was implemented only for a statistical sample, on 10% of customer STB-s, but T-2 is now seeking to further extend the monitoring coverage of its subscribers.

T-2 offers a uniquely wide selection of 300 channels of HD and SD content, which all need to be monitored for consistency and quality. This task is fulfilled by iTVSense Probes, which monitor 200 channels each and proactively notify operators on lost packets, timing problems or changes in the elementary stream structure.

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iTVSense implementation at T-2 definitely improved quality of IPTV service, reduced number of open customer’s tickets and interventions on customer premises.”

Mr. Miroslav Stravs, board member and CTO at T-2

We are proud that we could help T-2 improve service quality and hope to contribute to the success of their triple- and quad-play services, both in terms of quality, but also with a growing number of happy subscribers.

Dr. Janos Mathe, NETvisor's CEO