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Hungarian Railways – Operations Support System

OSS enabling the provision of business-type services

MAV-logoThe Hungarian Railways (MAV), a railroad company owned by the Hungarian state, has more than 140 years of history. 30 companies belong to the wide-ranging activity of MAV group.


In Hungarian Railways  the telecommunications are present in many areas of railway transport in almost all phases from providing passenger information to ticket sales and from railways stations to train radios, that is an essential component of transport. The implementation of the telecom operations support system (TTR) was made necessary by the accelerated modernization of telecommunications.

The purpose of MAV was to create a complex telecom operations support system that enables the provision of business-type services, with competitive service parameters for the provision of internal (MÁV Start, MÁV Traction, etc) and external partners of MAV. Their goal was to implement the monitoring of services, the proof of service quality, the central technical database and the process-driven operation associated with named roles and responsibilities.

Major aspects of the project

The implemented OSS system can be regarded as the tool of the business transformation.


On 7,275 km long rail network many different devices are operated by MAV. These are now under a unified management, TTR manages 1500 different tasks. The installed telecom operations support system provides support for correct accounting for the travel and transport companies.


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The new system links the important areas of rail transport, ensures the implementation of a single telecommunications management system and allows for rapid troubleshooting.

dr. Laszlo Mosoczi, deputy general manager of MAV Infrastructure