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NETvisor application development is financed by EU: ANMS HNM: TR-069 standard based Management System

March 16 2010

NETvisor gained EU funding in the frame of Central Hungary Operational Programme issued by the National Development Agency in the topic of Supporting Enterprise Innovation:

„ANMS HNM: Development and marketing of TR-069 standard based Home Device Management System”

The project is financed by the European Union and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.


Nowadays the telecommunication service providers introduce new multimedia services on the same infrastructure they use for providing traditional IP services. The IP based television streaming (IPTV) and the IP based telephone provisioning are the most common services of the kind. To properly configure and effectively manage the home devices at the users’ sites and the Home Gateway providing the traffic distribution is crucial. It is essential to know if a change in the configuration – caused either by user intervention or an error – worsen the quality of services or in worse case inhibit the service itself. This is function of the NETvisor’s HNM system being currently a prototype.

The scope of the project is to develop a product from the prototype by making use of the know-how and experience gained during the development of NETvisor’s element management system (ANMS). Effective monitoring and configuration management of medium and large Home Gateway networks of the service providers will be the main function of ANMS HNM.

The management of Home Gateway networks needs different principles to be followed than that of the traditional equipments. According to the TR-069 standard, the “element management system – managed device “connection is not initiated by the provider’s management system but the managed device logs in to enforce the configuration changes. In case of these kinds of systems it is a general issue, that the devices may overload the element management system, if they simultaneously try to query their configuration settings. The service provider will avoid and effectively manage these problems due to the planned architecture of ANMS HNM and the algorithms to be applied.

The planned period of the project execution: 1 February 2010 – 4 January 2011.

MAG Zrt acted on behalf of the National Development Agency in this project founding.

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