IoT Asia 2018

NETvisor- AutSoft alliance exhibited on IoT Asia 2018 in Singapore between 21-22 March in Singapore EXPO (Hall 3) on booth E32 in the Hungarian Pavilion organized by the Embassy of Hungary in Singapore.

NETvisor and AutSoft have established an alliance for developing Managed IoT Framework for enterprises.  AutSoft as a leading software developer company (a spin off company of Budapest University of Technology and Economics)  provides analytics, data base mangement and visualization tools of the Managed IoT Framework platform. NETvisor as a leading OSS vendor and ICT system integrator provides the overall management and connectivity solutions for the framework. NETvisor is also responsible for marketing of Managed IoT Framework and delivering solutions for the customers.

At the exhibition

Booth of NETvisor – AutSoft alliance at IoT Asia 2018

NETvisor presented

Network Development Support & Construction Monitoring System

Broadband networks are the key enablers for the majority of IoT solutions, such as the smart nation, smart city programs. Network Development Support & Construction Monitoring System developed by NETvisor is designed to support the full lifecycle of such broadband infrastructures. The solution supports service and infrastructure mapping, strategic planning, tendering and plan evaluation, construction planning and implementation monitoring as well as collaboration between developers such as customers and contractors, ensuring a fast and efficient network development project for all stakeholders and high-quality realization, quick return on valuable investments. Important elements of the this solution are:

Smart Strategic Planner for NGA & Transport Networks

NETvisor’s Smart Strategic Planner (SSP) is a GIS based strategic network planning tool to support business case analysis and techno-economic decisions for telecommunication service providers. SSP provides detailed BOM information and a HLD (high-level design) technical plan that is input to the LLD (low-level design).

SSP has two main modules. With SSP for NGA, we can design new generation access networks and SSP for Transport, which can be used for planning transport (aggregation and core) networks.

For more information please visit our Smart Strategic Planner for NGA & Transport Networks page.

NETPlanners Portal – Fiber optic network design and construction support

Concerning the smaller and larger regions and settlements, the implementation of fiber optic access and aggregation networks are cost-intensive investments and several preconditions must be met. During the preparation of the planning, the detailed design and the construction a number of business and technical decisions must be taken. NETvisor NETPlanners Portal solution supports the general contractor, the designers and the constructors in every phase of this complex work.

For more information please visit our NETPlanners Portal webpage

AutSoft presented


instant content management framework backed by cloud based technologies and native mobile clients, and its applications on different domains such as SmartCity and SmartMall.

SecondScreen is a customizable out-of-the box solution that provides instant content for mobile phones and tablets that can extend TV shows, radio shows, sport events, conferences and exhibitions with extra content, live voting, discussions, advertisements, coupons, etc. Also utilized by municipalities for promotion of local events and announcements and to get feedback from locals.

SecondScreen is a general-purpose, still highly customizable multi-domain mobile content delivery framework. Instances of the system could be deployed in hours, and ready to use as an independent system. It is a mobile-first content management solution and live communication channel, supported by a multi-platform native mobile solution that you can even integrate into your existing IT infrastructure.  The system is already tested and currently in use on multiple domains: live TV shows, retail& services, city& logistics, healthcare and the sports field.

Check out SecondScreen webpage and see a video about SecondSreen.


SensorHUB framework is a data monetization enabler, which supports application domain-specific, – i.e. transportation, health, production lines, smart cities, – data collection and service development to utilize sensor networks, smart client devices and cloud-based backend environments.

To realize the IoT vision of bringing technology to people anytime, anywhere, with any device, service, or application, not only must users be aware of their devices’ capabilities but the “things” must also be aware of users’ activities, preferences, and context. The SensorHUB concept provides a framework and tools to support application domain specific service development.

For more information please visit the SensorHUB technical page.

On March 21, the Embassy of Hungary in Singapore organized a ‘Hungarian Innovations Business Workshop’ with the support of SGTech and Singapore Industrial Automation Association (SIAA) at IoT Asia 2018. Read more about the Singapore Hungary _Business Innovations Workshop.

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