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Intelligent network and application management

February 28 2013

Research for identifying and tracking the root causes of performance and availability issues in Internet

mplane_logoWe participate in an European FP7 research co-operation: mPlane – an Intelligent Measurement Plane for Future Network and Application Management.

Decentralized and diverse, the Internet is resilient and universal. However, its distributed nature leads to operational brittleness and difficulty in identifying and tracking the root causes of performance and availability issues. The first step to improve this fragmentation is measurement: illuminating the currently obscure dynamics of the Internet. To address this, we advocate a measurement plane, or mPlane alongside the Internet’s data and control planes.

mPlane research project was launched in November 2012 and will be realized in 36 months in cooperation with 15 consortium members – telecom service providers, universities, large and small-medium enterprises.

By enabling pervasive measurement throughout the Internet, mPlane benefits everyone:

  • Internet Service Providers get a fine-grained picture of the network status, empowering effective management and operation
  • Application providers gain powerful tools for handling performance issues of their application
  • Regulators and end-users can verify adherence to SLAs, even when these involve many parties
  • Customers of all kinds can objectively compare network performance, improving competition in the market.

mPlane will significantly advance the state of the art in Internet measurement, from innovative probe technology to intelligent algorithms for distributed data analysis. An emphasis on open, standard interfaces will speed adoption and increase the impact of the project.

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