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Improved IT and communication services

Travel and Transport are essential services and support in the economic and social processes. Some projected – 60 percent of the earth’s population, 5 billion people will live in urban life by 2030 – instead of the current 3.6 billion. In a gradual aging society, competition is running parallel to the more efficient use of increasingly tightly available financial resources and the aging of deployed infrastructure elements that can also create environmental sustainability.

In addition to the ongoing transformation the market participants of freight forwarding and transport need to raise the bar higher and higher in order to maintain profitability and operating performance.  In the system of modal or multi-modal connections and special networks the provider is needed to develop its operation in the right segment according to functional synergy to support sustainability.

In addition to the basic infrastructure, the processing and use of data that is continuously collected on goods and services is becoming increasingly important. Collecting, receiving and processing data is not a trivial task, but it can be stated, for example, as a key element of security, better use of environmental resources or improving distribution, is a range of data that can be collected, Processed and backed up, which is the industry’s key technological opportunity for development.

NETvisor’s operations support solutions enable transparent ICT operation and continually accountable service. Our ICT systems integration specialists plan the infrastructure enhancements based on a preliminary performance assessment with vendor-independent approach and outstanding expertise, or propose to eliminate the identified bottlenecks.

NETvisor provides the following services and solutions:

  • Support, measurement and accounting of transparent business processes
  • Quality assurance of SLA-based IT and business services
  • Industrial Internet-based service management
  • Consolidated ICT infrastructure planning and implementation
  • ICT operations support systems
  • IT capacity mapping, monitoring, planning, audit
  • IT security management (standardization, compliance)