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ICT & Telecommunication Service Providers

Operational efficiency, security, reliability, exponential increase in bandwidth.

The Internet has fundamentally changed the telecommunications industry and the financial model has also changed with it, as well as personal communications. The business activities depend on the Internet in a large scale from electronic commerce through customer service applications. The road leading to the increase of telecommunications services has not changed; Customers need the latest wireless equipment and improved broadband access, that is, high-quality customer experience.

But what has changed that is ever maturing, i.e. accepting customer relationship in relation to cloud-based services. The cloud services require significantly improved network resource utilization from telecommunication (or infocommunication) service providers. The exceptional increase in the use of video and other wireless services requires exponential increase in bandwidth of corporate networks. The increase in bandwidth is not only generated by the expansion of streaming content, but by the increasing number of endpoints and applications due to the changed user habits (BringYourOwnDevice, WearYourOwnDevice … etc.).

The telecom service providers should develop viable models in order to offer new broadband, Internet Protocol (IP) -based services to their subscribers. This migration from IP-based application platform to converged IP networks and services constitutes a valuable subscriber base for longer-term loyalty for telecom service providers through highly customized services. In this paradigm shift to wireless service providers are inherently ahead. The new fixed-line operators hope for operational and infrastructure savings from the introduction of IP-based services. In many cases, the introduction of IP-based services is achieved by implementing the so-called “overlay network” in an effective way.

Based on almost 20 years of experience and developments in the telecommunication industry, NETvisor offers solutions and high level support in network transformation induced by end-user demand for bandwidth, as well as in service quality management determining end-user experience, in the following areas:

  • Unified monitoring of  telecommunication services and infrastructure
  • Service quality analysis and SLA reporting
  • Network discovery and auditing
  • Multi-play Service assurance
  • Planning, Inventory Management and Monitoring of Broadband Telecommunication Networks