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Efficient, cost effective, collaborative healthcare.

Over the last 15 years, significant efforts have been made to reform healthcare systems and processes. A key part of these tasks is the integration and interoperability of healthcare IT systems in order to provide real information for both decision-makers (eg government) and professional organizations (eg healthcare providers providing specialized care) in the areas of patient care, prevention, rehabilitation and public health information.

There is a very complex network of IT systems and processes that realize these goals, which must provide at least three results for the system participants:

  • it should be an integrated IT system, which allows authorized persons to access the information and data (interoperability)
  • the system should contain controlled and credible data and access to patient database of other health institutions
  • There are processes that determine how the above information can be accessed and managed 

NETvisor provides the following services and solutions:

  • Consolidated ICT infrastructure planning and implementation
  • ICT operations support systems
  • Quality assurance of SLA-based IT and business services
  • Support, measurement and accounting of transparent business processes
  • IT capacity mapping, monitoring, planning
  • IT support for operational processes based on ITIL
  • IT security management (standardization, compliance)