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The foundation of building the information society

Infocommunications technologies play a decisive role in ensuring Hungary’s sustainable development, as they enable broad access to information, help improve economic efficiency and competitiveness and effectively support the protection of the environment.

At the same time, ICT alone provides the opportunity, their usefulness will only prevail through their social and economic integration. The general social and economic integration of an appropriate level of ICT is only possible through investing in, and efficient and economical operation of modern and time-proof IT and communication systems. NETvisor Ltd. is a system integrator and software manufacturer specializing in the development and operation support of such ICT systems.

By using the services of NETvisor, the players of both the public and the competitive market spheres can successfully contribute to the achievement of the following strategic goals of the government:

  • Implementation of a more efficient, more cost-effective and cost-effective state and public administration system, increased efficiency of public institutions and businesses,
  • Accelerating the growth of the economy, increasing its efficiency and creating new jobs.