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Financial sector

Impovement of customers’ satisfaction level

Ponderability and verifiability of the level of ICT services

The current situation of the financial sector is determined by fierce market competition for customers and the complex local and international regulations. Among those circumstances, sustainability of economic activity means constantly a renewing challenge.

In terms of information and communication technology, ensuring business continuity and maintaining the data security, as well as bringing transparency to operating costs and ultimately to reduce them, are the main tasks.

NETvisor provides reliability, transparency and efficiency-enhancing solutions for companies operating in the financial market. NETvisor has decades of experience in delivering solutions for the financial sector, its customers include insurance companies, banks, savings and IT service brokerage firms.

NETvisor’s solutions contributes to the achievement of customers’ satisfaction level.

For providing high-quality service for customers with no unexpected outages, appropriate operations support systems are required. Systems that proactively indicate problems in order preventive or remedial actions may take place even before the customer complains.

The demand for the ponderability and verifiability of the level of service connects to this that is essential for the management in creating transparency in the operation. On the basis of efficiency, the overloaded or underutilized resources should be identified and IT procurement should be more consciously supported and planned.