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How the network of the future will look like?

November 05 2010

Econet_logoWe participate in a European low Energy Consumption NETworks research co-operation.

NETvisor as one of the founding partners participates in the development work of the ECONET (low Energy COnsumption NETworks) project.

The ECOnet project aims at studying and exploiting dynamic adaptive technologies (based on standby and performance scaling capabilities) for wired network devices that allow saving energy when a device (or part of it) is not used.

The overall idea is to introduce novel green network-specific paradigms and concepts enabling the reduction of energy requirements of wired network equipment by 50% in the short to mid-term (and by 80% in the long run).

To this end, the main challenge will be to design, develop and test novel technologies, integrated control criteria and mechanisms for network equipment enabling energy saving by dynamically adapting network capacities and resources to current traffic loads and user requirements, while ensuring end-to-end Quality of Service.

The duration of the project: October 2010 – September 2013


CNIT (IT), Alcatel-Lucent Italia S.p.A. (IT), Ericsson (IT), Mellanox Technologies Ltd (IL), Valtion Teknillinen Tutkimuskeskus (FI), Telecom Italia S.p.A. (IT), NETvisor (HU), Politechnika Warszawska (PL), Naukowa i Akademicka Siec Komputerowa (PL), Ethernity Networks Ltd (IL), Dublin City University (IE), LightComm S.r.l. (IT), Greek Research & Technology Network (EL), LANTIQ (DE), Infocom (IT).

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