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Development of an Integrated Digital Framework for Utility Registry with EU co-financing

November 11 2011

USZT_logo_angol_rgbNETvisor’s project proposal, titled

“IDKER: An Integrated Digital Framework for Utility Registry”

has received EU funding from the National Development Agency for winning in the Central Hungary Operational Program competition in the topic of Supporting Innovation of Accredited Clusters.

The project is beingfinanced by the European Union and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.



Similarly to other developed countries, Hungary’s governmental directives include the development of a countrywide registry for the public utilities that is credible, unified and accessible to all relevant parties. The CXVI. Act of 2010, which is a revision of both the Regional Development and Planning Act (XXI. Act of 1996) and the Shaping and Protection of the Built Environment Act (LXXVIII. Act of 1997)) aims at establishment of an E-UTILITY infrastructure.


Aiding the development of such an infrastructure is one of the primary concerns of IDKER. IDKER proposed solution is to target the development and pilot / prototype testing of a geospatial utility registry and coordination support application service provider (ASP) system.


The project is currently underway and is expected to be completed in the middle of next year.

Expected advantages of IDKER:

  • By using the IDKER system the time and effort devoted to the utility coordination will significantly decrease for both the data providers (utility companies, building contractors, local governments) and the users (professional authorities, builders, local governments).
  • The future ASP system will simplify the tasks of utility owners, thanks to the provided unified electronic interface for meeting the consultation, inquiry and registration requirements. According to our plans the ASP system will be designed to provide access to the authentic base maps crucial in both the geospatial registration and the utility coordination processes.
  • Furthermore, the IDKER system supports search operations conducted on less well-defined areas. This can be of great importance in the municipal works (such as settlement, planning, design and operational tasks), in large-scale planning tasks.
  • The IDKER system is planned to contribute to social interests in connection with damage prevention and averting: when a disaster or emergency occurs, the prerequisite of effective mitigation, prevention interventions is immediate access to the up-to-date information about the utilities. With the help of the IDKER system both direct and indirect damages harming the utilities during construction activities due to inadequate utility records can be prevented.


MAG Zrt acted on behalf of the National Development Agency in this project founding.

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