ICT Service Quality Analysis and Reporting

High quality ICT services that are available in an appropriate level of reliability, quality and capacity are the strategic goal for the management of most ICT service providers.

It is the SQM process framework by which the quality of the operation can be measured, analyzed, enhanced and verified. Improved IT or telecom services, consistent levels of quality and increased reliability are the most important direct benefits of the Service Quality Management solutions provided by NETvisor.

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Operations Support Systems

The IT and communications services play a critical role in the activities of both public and state administration and the economic sphere. The use of new generation operations support systems increases the reliability and efficiency of the operation of infocommunications infrastructures, improves the quality of the services provided, while also making it possible to reduce the relevant operating costs. Our operations support products, solutions make the operation of the systems transparent for the top management, the operating staff and the users alike.

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Integrated design and deployment support solution for FTTH, FTT5G, DWDM / IP networks

Infocommunication is an indispensable tool for strengthening the digital economy, ensuring sustainable growth, competitiveness of the economy and economic break-out. This requires fast construction of broadband telecommunication infrastructures that is a fast development of broadband internet services. NETvisor has the geospatial network design, inventory and implementation collaboration support solutions suitable for accelerating these tasks.

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