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Our sensor network and analytical tools result in dramatic efficiency and quality improvement in all areas of manufacturing.


At present, a process called the fourth industrial revolution is taking place, whereby physical machines and objects are integrated into an information network into a single central intelligent information system. Industry 4.0 is a concept that responds to the challenges of this revolution and is therefore the goal of Industry’s 4.0 to make development and production processes more flexible, more efficient and customer-centric. The key to achieving this goal is digitalization and the use of digital systems. All this will lead to highly integrated systems. These systems control the processes, make them accurate and ensure high efficiency.

Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things are in a blast-like development, encompassing almost every area and industry and we are an active player of this process. The magnitude of the nuIoT4Umber of sensors and other devices connected by the IoT systems poses serious challenges to the operators of these systems.

The above challenges inspired us to establish the IoT4U initiative in cooperation with the Department of Automation and Applied Informatics of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

NETvisor can build competitive solutions based on its decades of experience and results in system and service management. In the framework of our ongoing research and development and innovation activities, we are involved in the development of a general IoT platform, in cooperation with the BME – Department of Automation and Applied Informatics and the University of West Hungary INGA.  The IoT platform enables manufacturing companies to quickly and cost-effectively transform or expand their activities in accordance with the fourth generation digital principles. This platform is already applicable in many industries and applications, and facilitates the introduction and use of IoT-based solutions for our partners.